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What is Konstella?


BSI uses a private communication tool, Konstella, for school communications. Everything shared on Konstella is only accessible to our parents, teachers, and staff. 


You must register on Konstella to stay connected to your classroom, school administration, teachers, and the PTO.  Konstella will also serve as our school directory. There is an mobile app feature we encourage you to download for ease of use. 


ALL communication sent via Konstella can be translated into your preferred language by clicking the green translate email tab in the upper righthand corner of emails! There is also a select language tab that can be utilized on google. 


To get started, please accept the Konstella invitation that is headed your way. 

Or, you can request to join by visiting and clicking on "FIND YOUR SCHOOL"

Once you have accepted the invitation, please click through to the website and set up your account and add your child(ren) to their classroom(s).  This step is important, so please do not skip it.


Were you a member of Konstella last year?

Please log in to your account and update your information by selecting your child(ren)’s new classroom(s).


Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions to

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