Harvest Fest — Oct. 20th

This year’s Harvest Fest is going to be magic — literally! In addition to our annual book fair, international food table, crafts, face painting and bounce house, this year’s Harvest Fest will feature a live magic performance!

Be sure to volunteer:
Volunteer signup
Food signup

Back To School!!

You can find school supply lists and welcome letters for your class here

Class and Grade email lists have been updated!
You should be able to reach other families in your child’s class
through emails like these:
k001@bsiparents.org k002@bsiparents.org
101@bsiparents.org 102@bsiparents.org
201@bsiparents.org 202@bsiparents.org

Or your full grade through these emails:
Kindergarten: Classof2028@BSIParents.org
1st: Classof2027@BSIParents.org
2nd: Classof2026@BSIParents.org
3rd: Classof2025@BSIParents.org
4th: Classof2024@BSIParents.org
5th: Classof2023@BSIParents.org
6th: Classof2022@BSIParents.org
7th: Classof2021@BSIParents.org
8th: Classof2020@BSIParents.org

If these emails don’t work for you, it may be that we don’t have your email on our list! Please contact us at Communications@bsipto.org

New to BSI? Please Register with the PTO if you haven’t already and check out our handy Handbook for help getting orientated to BSI and the PTO!

BSI PTO Needs You!

The Final PTO Meeting of 2018-2019
Thursday, June 20 at 6:30pm
Plans for Next Year and Board Elections

Our current Co-Presidents say it all the time: it’s for the kids. But also, it can be really fun and interesting. You develop relationships with other really wonderful BSI parents. Meetings are friendly, welcoming and full of laughter. You really get to see how BSI works from the inside. You can help other parents and families. You can share your ideas for making BSI an even better place for our kids to learn and thrive. You can make it happen! It feels great, believe me.

No experience necessary! On the board most of us start out with no experience. We try to have some overlap of experienced and new board members so that there is always someone who can help you learn how things work.

There are so many different positions available. Why not read the official descriptions? Maybe a part of a position sounds good to you and part of it sounds unappealing or wouldn’t work in your life. No problem — you could split the position! Email the execbd@bsipto.org and we will try to match you up with someone else who would work well with you.

If something looks at all interesting to you, reach out. Even if you don’t run for the position, you might be able to help. Some of BSI’s most amazing volunteers are not on the board!

Everyone on the board is a volunteer with a busy life. We all work to help each other. The more engaged board members and supportive involved parents, the less time it takes for all of us. Is it hard for you to make meetings but you would love to put in work from home? Email execbd@bsipto.org and let us know what is holding you back and what you could offer.

We absolutely need you. Many board members from this year will NOT be running for the board in June or plan to stay on only to train new board members. We very much need new people and new energy this year. Meaning YOU!