The School Leadership Team

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is composed of elected parents and teachers. The core responsibility of the SLT is to develop the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) aligned with the school-based budget. Read our SLT bylaws here.

Our SLT parent representatives for 2021-2022 are:

  • Sara Mogulescu
  • Christine Lee
  • Jeffrey Bolas
  • Heather Trovato
  • Shai Lauros
  • Danielle Tarantolo

Parent members of the SLT may be contacted at:

SLT meetings are open meetings and observers are welcome. Please see the school calendar or the schedule below for dates and times. Anyone wishing to speak on the agenda must contact the Chairperson in writing through at least ten (10) calendar days (excluding holidays) before the scheduled meeting.

NEW as of 2019-2020: Special Education Subcommittee

The Special Education SLT subcommittee is a parent-led group working with SLT members and BSI’s administration to address the social, emotional and academic needs of all BSI students. The subcommittee identifies and proposes the adoption of evidence-based best practices in special education instruction and interventions for twice exceptional (2e) students at BSI. Central to its mission is the understanding that many gifted learners develop asynchronously, and that there may be students at BSI who are either identified late, never identified, or do not qualify for services. It is therefore important that universal, integrated strategies which support all types of learners are considered and incorporated into BSI’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP). The subcommittee also works to build awareness, understanding and acceptance in the larger BSI community of diversity in ability and learning, while nurturing a community for 2e students and families at BSI, providing information and resources to help parents understand their rights and options with regard to laws and DOE regulations, and developing and supporting student self-advocacy.

If you would like to form a subcommittee, please complete this form and the SLT will review it and respond to your request at the following meeting.

Meeting minutes for current year (2021-2022) here

Archive of Meeting Minutes

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