The Ninth Day of BSI: Center for Architecture & Beam Center

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Beam Center

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Each year, Beam Center collaborates with kindergarten and first grade teachers to design hands-on, experiential learning projects aligned with the social studies curriculum. This year, kindergarten will work on a study constructing 3D models of places in their school community. Past first grade projects have included a puppetry shadow projects and a 3D model design of a neighborhoods study. Thanks to your contributions, students gain hands-on skills in fabrication, prototyping, metalwork, physical computing, construction, and design. They use tools and craft to honor the individual voice, celebrate the joy of producing something larger than themselves, and are inspired by a lasting sense of wonder and accomplishment. 

In 2018, second grade worked with Beam to create a cargo train that travels from the past to the future as part of the “New York City Over Time” unit.

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Center for Architecture


The PTO also funds this project-based enrichment for our second graders who work with the Center for Architecture. In this residency, students learn about architecture and design in unison with social studies and their Brooklyn Bridge study, going through the design process to create their own bridge structures!