The Eleventh Day of BSI: Robotics!

students with large robot

The Consortium for Research & Robotics is a partnership between the Pratt Institute’s cutting-edge center for K-12 technology education and our seventh graders. Through the Consortium, our children are provided with a unique opportunity to work hands-on with many different types of robots including NYC’s largest industrial robot!

Each year, we have a specific project-based study where Mr. Brian, our math teacher, works closely with the Pratt instructor to tailor to meet the needs of our students. Students learn skills in engineering, architecture, design and fabrication as they engage mathematics, software, technology, and robotics to problem solve, create, and learn.

Below,  an excerpt taken from Consortium’s website:

Traditionally, robots perform repetitive tasks that are “dull, dirty, and dangerous.” Here at the Consortium, we are challenging this convention, putting people to work by engaging designers, engineers, researchers and artists in a new experimental paradigm that is equal parts digital and physical.

Keep us engaged with STEAM technologies!

thermometer at $40k


Today is the final day to make your donation to the BSI PTO in 2019. We’ve raised approximately $40k but still need help closing the gap to fund the programs we’ve highlighted here. Any size contribution matters! 

preview of robotics video