The Eighth Day of BSI: Brooklyn Conservatory of Music


BSI partners with Brooklyn Conservatory of Music for our fantastic hands-on music and movement experience enrichment specifically designed for grades K-2. The students explore the joy and variety of musical expression in these classes based on the Orff Approach to music and movement and drawn from folk traditions from around the world.

Our children learn to work as an ensemble by singing songs, dancing, and acting out stories. Students play games that develop rhythmic skills and group coordination, make rhythms with their bodies, play a variety of percussion instruments, and improvise together.

Some of the instruments that our school has purchased, which BSI K-2 students learn how to play, are: xylophone, djembe, conga, hand drums, egg shakers, maracas, claves, and cabasas!

This year, BCM will facilitate a recorder residency with our third graders! Let’s make sure BCM music is heard at BSI next year!