The Seventh Day of BSI: Launching Our STEM Lab on the Roof

stem lab with plants

Next year, BSI plans to partner with NYSunWorks, a non-profit organization that builds innovative science labs in urban schools. Through their Greenhouse Lab Project they use hydroponic farming technology to educate students and teachers about the science of sustainability. This partnership, as all other support to the school, is dependent on the generosity of our parents.

NYSunWorks will provide professional development, curriculum materials and resources, and technical support for the opening of the STEM lab and throughout the year. The Greenhouse Lab operates as an integrated part of the school’s curricula and prepares children to exceed NYC’s science standards.

sunworks logo
BSI budgeted $9,152 next year for its partnership with NYSunWorks. This partnership will be integral to successful launch and maintenance of our newly built STEM Lab, and we hope you join us and contribute to BSI PTO to continue funding this and other school initiatives.Learn more about the NYSunWorks Greenhouse Lab project »

“To facilitate this hands-on learning environment, the Greenhouse Project Lab can include solar panels, hydroponic growing systems, a fish farm, a rainwater catchment system, a weather station, integrated pest management and a vermicomposting station. In addition to enhancing a school’s science curriculum, the greenhouse lab greatly enriches arts and social studies by connecting nature to culture. Students learn the relationship between humans and the environment and gain a greater appreciation of sustainable development and its direct relationship to cultural diversity.”

Learn more about the STEM Lab’s conception and development.