The Fifth Day of BSI: Clusters & Specialties

line of children dancing

Another large budget item for BSI PTO is Cluster/Speciality Teachers, for which PTO needs to raise/budgeted $167,000.

BSI is able to offer Dance, Movement and Choreography with Ms. Diane thanks to the BSI funding of the Dance (music and movement) enrichment, which helps foster physical growth, proprioception/body awareness, rhythm, beat and collaboration skills.

We are able to offer Media Literacy and 21st Century Digital Citizenship skills with Ms. Sophia thanks to the BSI PTO funding of this enrichment.Upper grade students have access to class sets of individual new Chromebooks and Macbooks to research, apply learning and present work in digital ways while learning about media, perspective and bias, filmmaking, internet safety, cyberbullying and digital citizenship.

The funding that is allocated to these positions allows us to offer a greater array of experiences for our children including electives, lunch clubs and advisory.

We need to raise about $75,000 more before the end of the year to stay on track with our end of the year fundraising goal.We hope you make a donation today.

The 12 Days of BSI will be skipping tomorrow. We wish a merry Christmas to all who celebrate and a peaceful close to 2019 to all.