Introducing the 12 Days of BSI: Day One

What Makes BSI So Special?

Whether this is your child’s first year at BSI or your eighth, your family is part of what makes our school an amazing community. 

While we’re proud to pull students from all over Brooklyn and beyond, we know this can make it a challenge to feel as connected to the school as we’d like. That’s why we’re launching a special 12 Days of BSI!

 12 Days of BSI: A Peek into Your Child’s Day!
 From December 20th to January 1st, we’ll be providing a special look behind the scenes into our children’s school days and the unique programs that make them special.

Look forward to a daily email (and blog) featuring:

  • details about enrichments and other programs
  • stories from teachers, staff and parents
  • insights into our pedagogy
  • opportunities to ask questions about our school
  • pictures galore!

We hope you enjoy this up close and personal look at BSI and encourage you to share these message with your friends and family so they too can learn about the special place where our children spend their days.

The 12 Days of BSI Direct Appeal Campaign
As we highlight the many wonderful opportunities at BSI, we’ll also be using this time to make sure these programs can continue!

To fund the full slate of enrichments for the next school year, we have an ambitious goal of raising $100k before the end of 2019 to ensure we meet our operating budget of $526,000.
Help us get off to a great start — donate now!

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