Camp Auction Is Live!! Bid now — the Auction closes Sunday 3/11 at 10:00pm

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This year’s auction features amazing camps and classes like a FULL summer of Mill Basin Day Camp, Camp Laurelwood Sleepaway Camp, Camp Half-Blood, Curious Jane, Soap Box Derby Camp, New Country Day Camp, Kings Bay Y Camp, Carmello the Science Fellow, Brooklyn Game Lab, Premier Chess, Home Run Baseball Camp, and so much more, including after-school classes and enrichment courses!

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The auction is open to families outside of the BSI community, so please tell your friends and share on social media!

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Support my child’s public school and grab a great deal. BSI’s Annual Camps & Classes Auction is live! Bid early, bid often, and save on summer sleepaway camps, day camps, and enrichment classes. We’ve got a little of everything! Bidding ends Sunday, March 11. Share widely! 

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BSI Camps & Classes Auction is live! Bid on great deals & support our school at