Visit from Graphic Novelist George O’Connor!

Dear BSI families,

This morning, we had a fabulous author visit from graphic novelist¬†George O’Connor! O’Connor spoke to two assemblies: 3-5th grades, then 6-8th grades. He writes and draws The Olympians, a series of graphic novels about Greek mythology, and spoke about these about and what it means to be an author and an illustrator. He showed our kids sketches and finished drawings, and talked about sketching quickly to give his ideas free rein and combat perfectionist tendencies.

He told the 3-5th graders: “I don’t erase, because when you erase, you eradicate your mistakes….Nobody does perfect work. It’s all about learning and making mistakes.” At the end of each assembly, he challenged kids to go home tonight and do 5 1-minute drawings, without erasing, just to see what comes out.

O’Connor’s energy, enthusiasm, and all-out geeky love of Greek mythology were a big hit with our kids. Thanks to the BSI families who donated to a Hurricane Harvey relief auction in order to win O’Connor’s visit!

Here are some pictures of the kids with O’Connor, O’Connor posing as Hera holding Zeus’s beard in her hand fiercely while she agrees to marry him, and O’Connor with Mr. Havlik.

Here’s to another positive BSI-parent collaboration!

Annie and Shana, your co-VPs of Parental Involvement