If You Missed the December PTO Meeting…

Dear BSI Families,

We hope that you were able to attend the December PTO meeting: we covered a lot of ground.

Donna announced a 5th grade overnight at the American Museum of Natural History (date pending), a new TA starting in class 202, and the start of Grade Level Parent Meetings as an extra way to connect starting in the new year (see more below).

For those who could not make it, one of the most important announcements was that we are more than $45K behind in our fundraising goals, despite our many successful events. We are behind because we have seen fewer Direct Appeal contributions and company matches.

Contributions to our Direct Appeal campaign plus company matches make up 80% of the PTO’s total fundraising dollars. The PTO is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and your DA contribution is completely tax deductible. Donate today and write off your donation in the 2016 tax year.

This year the PTO helps fund the following for your children. A few of these programs, like Chess and Mixed Sports, cycle through grades, so if they’re not already in your child’s class, they will be coming soon.

  • Xposure Technology* (K-3)
  • Chess (K-3)
  • Mixed Sports (K-8)
  • Art (K-8)
  • Art TA (K-8)
  • Science TA (K-8)
  • Art Supplies (K-8)
  • Science Supplies (K-8)
  • Brooklyn Conservatory of Music (K-2)
  • Classroom Educational Assistants (K-3)
  • Media Literacy (4-8)
  • Construction Kids Bridge Project (2)
  • Debate (7 & 8)
  • BEAM (1, 4, 6, 7, 8)
  • Dance (K, 1, 2, 7, 8)
  • Drama (3, 6, 7)
  • Spanish (4-8)
  • Kevin Reese & Sculpture (7 & 8)
  • Brass & Woodwinds, aka Band (4-8)
  • Elevate Program (6-8)
  • Math Coaches** (K-2)

If you have questions about any of the enrichment offerings or how they work, Donna and Anna would be happy to chat with you. Email Donna at dtaylor@bsi686.org and Anna at amoshura@bsi686.org.

Beginning in January, Donna and Anna will host grade level parent meetings. These will usually take place on a Tuesday morning from 8:00am until 9:00am (teachers will join us for the first half hour) and all parents in that grade are invited. Here are the dates, which are currently being added to the master parent calendar.

If you have concerns or questions beforehand, about anything, don’t wait. Reach out. Let’s all work together to improve communication. It benefits us all, especially our children.

Please support our school and our children. Give as generously as you can – make a contribution today.

Our best,
The PTO Executive Board

* Sept. – Jan. for 2nd and 3rd, Feb. – June for K and 1st

** BSI Math Coaches are certified teachers. Coaches push in and work with classroom teachers to provide enhanced math instruction and facilitate differentiated small group work.