BSI Rocked Its First Debate Competition

BSI participated in its first debate competition on May 21, 2016 and brought home a few tropies! Congrats to the team and to teachers Sharon Seitz and Nelsa Boyer-Madisson!

debate team


PTO Election Results

Please welcome our incoming BSI PTOExecutive Board and SLT members! Elections were held at the PTO meeting on May 23rd at 6:30PM. We would like to thank and congratulate each of these parents for stepping up to take on these roles so vital to the continued success of BSI and its special programs.

  • President* – Mikhail Ratner
  • Executive VP – Allyssa Yuan
  • Treasurer – Daniel Rakitin
  • Assistant Treasurers – Yulianna Shamayev, Mark Caserta
  • Secretary* – Leslie Aptekar
  • VPS of Fundraising* –
  • VPs of Parent Involvement – May Li and Oksana Londorenko
  • VPs of Communications – Rosemary Titievsky and Chrissy Persico
  • Parliamentarian* – Cathy Joseph
  • School Leadership Team (SLT) – Kiran Chhapra and Cathy Campbell

* Please note that highlighted roles still have open positions. We are still seeking a co-President, VPs of Fundraising as well as co-Secretary and co-Parliamentarian.

Next year will be our first year as a full K-8 school and for which we will have our first class of middle school graduates! Now, more than ever, the PTO needs you. It’s not too late to join the board! Please email if you are interested.