BSI PTO Needs You!

The Final PTO Meeting of 2018-2019
Thursday, June 20 at 6:30pm
Plans for Next Year and Board Elections

Our current Co-Presidents say it all the time: it’s for the kids. But also, it can be really fun and interesting. You develop relationships with other really wonderful BSI parents. Meetings are friendly, welcoming and full of laughter. You really get to see how BSI works from the inside. You can help other parents and families. You can share your ideas for making BSI an even better place for our kids to learn and thrive. You can make it happen! It feels great, believe me.

No experience necessary! On the board most of us start out with no experience. We try to have some overlap of experienced and new board members so that there is always someone who can help you learn how things work.

There are so many different positions available. Why not read the official descriptions? Maybe a part of a position sounds good to you and part of it sounds unappealing or wouldn’t work in your life. No problem — you could split the position! Email the and we will try to match you up with someone else who would work well with you.

If something looks at all interesting to you, reach out. Even if you don’t run for the position, you might be able to help. Some of BSI’s most amazing volunteers are not on the board!

Everyone on the board is a volunteer with a busy life. We all work to help each other. The more engaged board members and supportive involved parents, the less time it takes for all of us. Is it hard for you to make meetings but you would love to put in work from home? Email and let us know what is holding you back and what you could offer.

We absolutely need you. Many board members from this year will NOT be running for the board in June or plan to stay on only to train new board members. We very much need new people and new energy this year. Meaning YOU!

Spend Father’s Day with BSI Friends at the Cyclones Game!

  • Paw Patrol Day
  • Free Cyclones Cap
  • Free Brooklyn Cyclones Wristband
  • Brandon Nimmo Emoji Pillow to first 2,000 Fans
  • On Field School Spirit Parade (3:15 p.m.-line up  sec. 21)
  • Personalized Scoreboard Welcome. Post Game Kids Run the Bases.

Perception Institute Workshop: Building Community & Conversation Across Lines Of Difference

We hope you can join us for: 
Building Community & Conversation Across Lines of Difference
A workshop for parents and caregivers

  • Sunday, June 9th
  • 1:00 to 4:00pm in the BSI Library
  • Presented by Perception Institute
  • There is no fee to attend but please register here
  • Light refreshments will be served
  • Program is for BSI adults. We regret that we cannot accommodate children or provide childcare

BSI celebrates its diverse community of students and families. Research suggests that building connections across identity differences, such as race and ethnicity, or even talking about these differences, can be challenging. Studies demonstrate that unconscious processes linked to identity difference – such as implicit bias, racial anxiety, and stereotype threat – can get in the way of efforts to build community, and to discuss identity with our children. Perception Institute will share insights regarding the benefits of a diverse school community and the challenges of naming and navigating identity differences. Parents and caregivers will learn concrete strategies to better engage across groups, deepen the sense of belonging for all of the BSI community, and better prepare our children for an increasingly diverse world.

Perception Institute is a consortium of researchers, advocates, and strategists who translate cutting edge mind science research on race, gender, ethnic, and other identities into solutions that reduce bias and discrimination, and promote belonging. We work in sectors where bias has the most profound impact—education, healthcare, media, workplace, law enforcement, and civil justice.

At Perception, we turn research into remedies—designing studies, evaluations, interventions, and communications strategies. We craft real-world solutions for everyday relationships, to help us all navigate difference.

About our workshop leader:

 Aya Tavares is an educator, facilitator, and expert in culturally responsive pedagogy. With Perception Institute, Aya leads mind science workshops on implicit bias, identity anxiety, and stereotype threat with key stakeholders in education, including teachers, administrators, and parents.

Early in her career, Aya taught 6-8th grade English Language Arts in Brooklyn and Washington Heights, before moving into strategic work in the education equity landscape. Previously, she served as Outreach Director at Educators for Excellence, seeking to elevate the voices of teachers who identify as women of color, and as Community Partner Manager at Girls Who Code.