Month: February 2018

The Camp Auction is Coming

BSI Family Film — Come See “Coco” Sunday March 11

Coco follows the magical journey of 12-year-old Miguel, an aspiring musician determined to unravel the mystery behind his family’s centuries-old ban on music at home that’s been holding him back from playing guitar to his heart’s content. As… Read More

Last Call to Submit Donations to the Camp Auctions — Deadline Saturday February 24!

Here’s all you have to do: STEP 1: Claim a camp. Put your name in the BSI Contact 2018 column on our donation grid. You are now the main BSI contact for this company. If questions come up, just… Read More

Volunteer of the Month — Natalia Guarin-Klein

Natalia is a mom to three kids, Evan (6th grade at BSI) and Natalia (1st) and Elaina (3rd) who are at TAOTS. This year Natalia had the idea to organize a Q&A with STEM professionals in a variety… Read More

Help Choose the Winning Design for BSI’s Spring T-Shirt

Seventh and eighth grade students have been crafting designs for this year’s BSI T-shirts in Ms. Nanna’s classes. Students will voluntarily submit their designs to the BSI T-shirt contest. The winning design will be chosen by a Selection… Read More